Digital 3D is Here! We've upgraded our equipment to some of the latest technology and now offer our patrons a truly enhanced movie going experience. Enjoy the clarity of digital picture and surround sound this new technology offers for both 2D and 3D movies.
We're continuing to fine tune our system resulting in an even cristper, brighter image with 3D effects better than ever. Join us soon to see what a difference it makes.
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Annabelle R 1h 40m
The Book of Life PG 1H 35M
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  Tickets $5
$7 for 3D shows

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  • Monday, Oct 20
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  • Tuesday, Oct 21
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  • Wednesday, Oct 22
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  • Thursday, Oct 23
    Annabelle 7:00 PM
    The Book of Life 7:00 PM
    Friday, Oct 24
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